Dutch first division: here we are!

ProGame at the Polman Stadion

The “Polman Stadion” is the official stadium of the Heracles Almelo club. The club was founded in 1903 and is therefore one of the oldest clubs in the Netherlands. The Heracles Almelo has won the Champions League on three occasions and plays currently in the Dutch first division.

Built in 1999, the Polman Stadion had initially a capacity of 6.900 visitors, which was expanded in 2005 up to 8.500 due the increasing popularity of this traditional football club. Despite the advanced planning of a completely new sustainable stadium for Heracles Almelo in a couple of years, this year the synthetic turf pitch of the existing stadium has been renewed with a innovative turf system created by leading companies of the synthetic turf sector: TenCate Grass, which is at the same time the club’s main sponsor for already ten years, and GreenFields, a world-class synthetic turf systems producer.

The GreenFields MXTM system was produced with the innovative weaving technology, patented by TenCate. The pitch of Heracles Almelo is the first official pitch that enjoys of these technological developments, resulting in optimum playing performance and full recyclability.
Only high quality components that guarantee the long lasting and unchanged performance of the field were included in the system, built in compliance to the FIFA’s highest standards: FIFA Two Star.

Below the woven turf surface, ProGame shock pads offer the perfect combination between shock absorption and energy restitution, the long lasting characteristics of Trocellen’s cross-linked PE foam ensure resistance to the different weather conditions, avoiding variations on the pitch performance. The characteristic XC-CUT compensates for any expansion of the material due to fast temperature changes, a known problem among plastics- based layers.

The innovative matrix weaving pattern used on the turf production has a positive effect on the rotational resistance of the player’s feet. The fibres offer increased infill stability and will keep their resilience even after long term use. Also the optical characteristics of the turf have been improved, since a synthetic turf pitch on the first division must have the appearance level necessary for premier league international clubs. The advanced weaving technology allows the combination of different grass yarns positioned randomly in the top layer. This makes it possible to weave the yarns into each structure and with varying distances into the pitch, thus offering a very natural appearance as well as excellent ball behaviour.

The innovative weaving technology of TenCate makes it easier to use exclusively raw materials of the same type, hence allowing a more efficient recyclability.

This system is a further step in the development history of the synthetic turf systems. Top materials and components have been combined in order to create pitch perfection on every perspective: sports performance, look, comfort and safety. And last but not least environmental care.