Industry Events – Synthetic Turf, Standards, Quality and Price

The highly developed artificial turf industry offers several key benefits that make it the perfect solution for those seeking pitches with optimal playing properties, safety and comfort. Additionally, synthetic turf fields allow for reduced maintenance and recovery time whilst ensuring increased playing hours.

Today’s wide range of turf products tailored to the specifications of several different sports together with the growing number of synthetic turf application areas outside sports, created the need for standard testing methods and quality assessments in order to guarantee that end users receive all possible benefits offered by the industry.

However, what each norm, quality assessment or test result means in terms of customer benefits is not always obvious to buyers and decision makers upon first glance.

With the aim of educating decision makers and providing a clearer overview of the wide range of options available in the synthetic turf industry, the German company TROFIL Sportbodensysteme GmbH & Co. KG, based in the city of Hennef, is inviting architects, as well as representatives from communities and sports associations, to participate in an in-house seminar.

With speakers from companies and institutions representing each of the various key links in the synthetic turf value chain, TROFIL aims to offer a valuable insight into how decision makers can ensure they select the optimal system according to their specific requirements.

The seminar will take place on March 22 in Hennef, Germany, at TROFIL’s facilities. Presentations will be held in German.

ProGame is pleased to participate in this seminar, at which it will detail why shock pads in general are a key component in synthetic turf systems.

You can download the seminar programme and the registration form here.