ProGame at the German Sport University Cologne

On the 11th June Trocellen was invited by the biomechanical department of the German Sport University Cologne to give a lecture on the industry of artificial turf and elastic layers.

This is also a starting point to get to a closer cooperation between the artificial turf industry and the sport science. The cooperation will help Trocellen to improve their products to a higher performance level.

Together with Dr. Wolfgang Potthast and master students for Sports Technology of the Sport University Trocellen will start a first experimental approach for determining the influence of different elastic layers on the movement of the subjects as well as the determination of the joint loading. Additionally, next to the athletic performance the distribution of the muscular drives and the influence of the elastic layers on this distribution will be studied.

The results of this evaluation of the influence of elastic layers on the biomechanical behavior will help Trocellen to develop the next generation of elastic layer which is optimized to the best performance figures on sport and health properties.

ProGame’s cooperation with the science will be the next step to the new generation of Shock Pads.