ProGame at the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup

The 9th edition of the Homeless World Cup football tournament is taking place in Paris from the 21st to the 28th of August. This is the result of a year round work leaded by the Homeless World Cup, a social enterprise that uses soccer as a common global language and offers homeless people an opportunity to change their lives.

The first Homeless World Cup annual event took place in Graz, Austria, in 2003. Since then, the tournament has been hosted yearly in world capitals such as Gothenburg, Edinburgh, Copenhagen, Cape Town, Melbourne, Milan and Rio de Janeiro. This year, Parisians and tourists alike will get the chance to experience one of the most passionate events in world soccer, which will be played at the Champs de Mars, right at the feet of the Eiffel Tower.

With a broad network of partners supporting the event and the commitment of international organizations such as UEFA, Nike and Fundación Telmex, the Homeless World Cup has the ability to drive international social development. According to the organisation, over 70% of those who have participated in the Homeless World Cup say the experience has drastically changed their lives. The tournament acts as a stepping stone, enabling them to leave behind homelessness and move on to lives as social entrepreneurs, coaches and players, for example. Additionally, the Homeless World Cup has aided the creation of enterprises operating in the sports equipment and recycling sectors, offering work opportunities to over 200,000 homeless people.

The Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup will be played on artificial turf supplied by Greenfields, which has a reputation of excellence in developing and manufacturing, turf systems. To complement this, ProGame shock pads will be installed underneath the turf to provide optimal playing conditions in terms of shock absorption and energy restitution. With this artificial turf system, the athletes will enjoy safe pitches with ideal playing properties, allowing them to showcase their skills and represent their countries with passion and precision.

Trocellen is happy to support this event with our ProGame brand. We firmly believe that the artificial turf industry should work to the benefit of society and the environment, promoting the social aspect and democratization of sports and leisure activities and providing opportunities to disadvantaged communities so they can enjoy the benefits of sports with the best possible facilities.

The preparations for and development of the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup can be followed on the tournament’s website: