ProGame Shock Pads – really easy and fast to install!

Check out our new video and see how easy ProGame Shock Pads’ installation is.

ProGame shock pads are lightweight and allow for easy handling. Each roll is 2 metres wide and of varying length according to the size of the pitch, meaning they need only to be rolled out side by side. The joints are welded with a specialised engineered tape using a mobile welding machine, which Trocellen is also able to deliver. A non-woven fabric, which is laminated to one side of the ProGame shock pads ensures perfect grip to the sub-base, whilst the XC cutting system compensates for any shrinkage or expansion of the material due to significant temperature changes during installation.

These product properties mean it is possible for just two experienced people to install a field’s shock-absorbing layer in around a day, which means savings in installation time and costs.