ProGame Shock Pads welcoming soccer fans in the Netherlands!

ProGame at the Schiphol Aiport in Amsterdam!

Soccer fans at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam enjoyed a mobile soccer court installed at the airport’s plaza, where all matches during the European Championship were transmitted in public viewing.

Travellers flying from and arriving to the Schiphol Airport, the 4th busiest European airport in terms of passenger traffic, had the possibility to try the soccer court. For each goal scored, the Schiphol Foundation donated 14€ to a regional soccer team, target was to reach a final donation of 14.000 €.

Check out the freestyle show performed by the street soccer player Soufiane Touzani just outside the airport here.

The mobile soccer court was equipped with cutting–edge synthetic turf from GreenFields and ProGame shock pads, which ensured best performance and comfort for all participants. Besides Schiphol Airport, this mobile court was installed at two different locations and will then sponsored by TenCate Grass to the Johan Cruyff Foundation to be used during the national finals of Cruyff Courts 6 vs 6 Championship, taking place outside the Amsterdam Olympic Stadion.

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