ProGame at the Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific, Chiba, Japan 2017

ProGame has taken part as an exhibitor at the Stadia and Arena Asia Pacific in Japan.

This year’s event was organized in anticipation of the upcoming Rugby World Cup ( 2019 ); Olympic and Paralympics ( 2020 ); and the Asian Games ( 2026 ). More than 50 exhibitors took part to exhibit their products to the public. Within the three days, the show welcomed many professionals from many nations and gave the chance for them to discuss the current initiatives and future trends across the  industry.

The event has been a big success for ProGame and we are happy that we were present at the show as an exhibitor. We met many existing and potentially new ProGame clients. We are also delighted that  Martin Laidler, one team member of ProGame, was asked to take part in the Experts Session. This is more than a positive sign that his deep knowledge in the product and sport facilities in general is a reliable opinion.

We hope all of you had a safe trip back home.

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Your ProGame-Team