Brand promise


Our brand promise

We contribute to the safe and joyful game combining our competencies and values:
We listen and understand the needs of our diverse and international target groups developing flexible and tailor-made solutions for artificial turfs systems.
We work based on honest & trustful cooperation enriched by the professionalism and commitment of our team.
Our main target is to act as an add-on in our customers’ business, supporting the further development of the artificial turf industry, which should work for the benefit of society and the environment.

Our brand ambition

Expresses how we want to be recognized by our target groups in the future:

Be recognized as one of the absolute innovators of the artificial turf industry, always focused on three main points:

  • The further development of the industry and the continuous raise of standards in artificial turf systems
  • A desirable brand and excellent product performance that add value to our customers’ business
  • The social anchoring and democratization of sports & leisure activities.

Our target groups

During the development of our business strategy we considered the needs and preferences of all directly and indirectly industry related target groups.
Our targets are companies and organizations that are innovative and environmentally driven, support the fair & honest development of the industry and care about the needs of future generations.
Together we aim to supply the best artificial turf solutions to the end users & society.

Our core values

They express what makes us unique and different. They are the basis of our actions:

  • Professionalism
  • Joy
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Diversity

Our competencies

Unique strengths that are our fundamental basis for providing added value to our customers:

  • Listening & understanding
  • System thinking
  • Continuous learning

Our brand identity

Get to know our brand from the roots:
In such an exigent industry, companies need to focus in more than just state-of-the-art products and quality. The users expect much more than just a product, they expect excellent technical performance and reliable quality surrounded by experiences, emotions and adventures.
Our identity shows what is important for us and how we work to fulfil our brand promise.
Many years of experience allowed us to develop an application that contributes to the proper functioning of a complete artificial turf system. Shock pads that support the reliability and longevity of artificial turf fields, no matter what the final use is.
Safety is an essential factor in this industry. Perfect and faultless product performance is not just a plus, it is a must. Therefore artificial turfs must be developed in a system, where each component contributes to a constant, reliable and long lasting performance, fulfilling the necessary safety requirements for sports or leisure areas and offering the best conditions for high performance training or leisure activities. But not only technical measurements define the quality of an artificial turf system, also the way it looks and the way it feels when standing and playing on it or the way games are supported by the characteristics of the field.
With our products we contribute to the stability of the field, offering constant characteristics across the whole installed area and strengthening the level of user safety and protection in the field.
Our resistance to drastic changes in temperatures support the longevity of the system and its adaptability to most diverse climatic conditions all around the world.
How comfortable and stable an artificial turf system is, depends not only on the surface, but also on the “roots“of the field.

The joy and fascination for what we do is what drives our development and keeps us striving to be better. This is exactly what we want to transfer to our customers and to the end users.
We are happy to work in this industry, to live the fascination for sports played on artificial grass and to support the fun of children and young people all around the world when spending their free time on artificial grass playgrounds.
We are happy and proud to work in an industry that supports the long term environmental protection by contributing to immense amounts of water saving and avoiding the use of toxic substances in the environment.

Our future

We plan to keep doing what we enjoy the most: Listening to and working together with our customers, learning from the industry and from the end users and applying all that knowledge combined with our expertise to create solutions that not only meet the industry requirements, but raise its performance standards.
Our brand, its values and its promises show the path we want to keep following in the future. We want to use a fantastic brand with consistent values for the inspiration of the industry. We want to use a desirable brand for the further establishment and the credibility of the industry in our society.

Our organization

Trocellen_logo_CompanyThe great simplicity & creativity of the Trocellen Group is reflected on our products. Through our corporate mission “Listen to solve” we identify the real needs of the markets, simplifying complex challenges and developing together with our customers creative, innovative and sustainable high class solutions.
Our seven plants located in Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Malaysia are specialized on the production of polyolefin foams and together with our research and development centre FETI (Furukawa Electric Institute of Technology) in Budapest, as well as different partnerships with universities and designers we are always looking not only for improvements, but also for the new. This enables us to offer a broad knowledge and development possibilities for many different industries.
In our corporate you will find further information about our company.

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