ProGame shock pad


The story

Trocellen’s story with the artificial turf shock pad goes back 30 years to the eighties when we developed the first shock pad. Over many years the shock pad solution has grown to the most desired PE foam solutions in the artificial turf business.

The first pitch

Our first pitch was installed in the early eighties in the US where the artificial turf has its start.

The next generation

After years of experience with our shock pads in practical use we developed the next generation; the C-cut which was the answer to the increasing demand for further advanced drainage system as well as the expansion and shrinkage during the lifetime of the pitch and hence the well known “wave” problem. This generation was successfully launched and provided further value to our customers and end users.

Proved quality

23 years after the installation of a PE foam shock pad in Würzburg (Germany) the layer was tested again and showed a decrease in shock absorption of less than 1%. This demonstrates the very high quality and longevity of our shock pads based on cross-linked PE foam. Trocellen stands behind this high quality level with its good name.


Further development

The XC-cut, Trocellen’s star. The XC-cut shock pad is Trocellen’s most advanced solution and is the answer to many questions:

  • how to reduce the installation time drastically?
  • how to solve the expansion problem with alternative products completely?
  • how to fulfill the highest FIFA requirements?
  • how to guarantee a safe game?
  • how to ensure excellent playing properties?
  • how to protect the environment?


Here you will find the answers of our joint development with Airlastic
Or you contact us directlyprogame@trocellen.com
We are there for you and are glad to give further support.

Certified quality

Together with our partners we reach the highest FIFA** certifications.
The installed systems meet the requirements needed for the most important FIFA and UEFA competitions, such as robustness, climatic resistance and interaction between ball, player and surface.
The LND (Lega Nazionale Dilettanti) homologation of our XC-cut and XC-cut plus shock pads, which is one of the most important European homologations for the amateur sport market, is another proof of the excellent performance and quality of our shock pads.

Wide areas of applications

After years of success in classical artificial turf sports such as football, hockey and baseball we could further broaden our range based on learning from the past. Today we offer solutions for many sports such as golf and rugby, landscaping, private gardening or playgrounds. Also movable sport competitions like mini-football fields are equipped with our shock pads.

The latest generation

The newest version: XC-cut plus. All advantages and benefits of the XC-cut product combined with a further developed drainage system especially for concrete surfaces.


A strong network as base for new ideas, up-to-date developments and demand meeting products. We work closely with OEMs and installers, with universities and institutes and also final users to always know and understand the requirements of both; the market and the final users. To be first with new solutions providing excellent playing behaviours, safety and an economic processing is our goal we are targeting with our team.


ProGame is the way how we get closer to our partners in the artificial turf industry. ProGame is the way how we offer our customers more than shock pads: we offer an experience. We offer a desirable brand that inspires the further development of the industry. ProGame is the way how we add value to the business of our customers, maximizing the performance of artificial turf systems on technical and emotional level.
ProGame is the brand representing our artificial turf business.