Industry Events – Synthetic Turf, Standards, Quality and Price

The highly developed artificial turf industry offers several key benefits that make it the perfect solution for those seeking pitches with optimal playing properties, safety and comfort. Additionally, synthetic turf fields allow for reduced maintenance and recovery time whilst ensuring increased playing hours.

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ProGame at the FSB Trade Fair!

From Wednesday, October 26, the Cologne Exhibition Centre opens its doors for the three-day FSB Trade Fair – a major international exhibition for amenity areas, sports and pool facilities. Over 20,000 visitors from all corners of the globe will have a chance to learn about the most innovative European concepts emanating from the sports and recreation industries.

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ProGame at the Paris 2011 Homeless World Cup

The 9th edition of the Homeless World Cup football tournament is taking place in Paris from the 21st to the 28th of August. This is the result of a year round work leaded by the Homeless World Cup, a social enterprise that uses soccer as a common global language and offers homeless people an opportunity to change their lives.

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