Projects – ProGame Shock Pads keep scoring

A modernisation plan for sports infrastructure in the Flemish city of Flanders in Belgium was approved in July 2010 by the regional government. The tender for the implementation of this project was awarded to the Dutch construction company Krinkels Holding B.V. and includes the installation of 29 full-sized synthetic turf soccer pitches built according to the European standard EN15330-1.

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Cooperation TenCate Grass and ProGame Shock Pads by Trocellen

TenCate Grass is the global market leader for synthetic turf fibres. Since the early development stages of the artificial turf industry TenCate has been delivering engineered components for synthetic turf systems that improve the performance of the fields and raise the industry standards, always with high focus on R&D and strategic partnerships.

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Excellent Environmental Performance of Synthetic Turf

The excellent environmental performance of synthetic grass is one of the reasons for its increasing acceptance among end users and society. An article released by the Synthetic Turf Council, shows some interesting facts. The Synthetic Turf Council was founded in 2003 in the United States for the promotion and assistance in all topics related to artificial turf systems.

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