The green product

We believe in sustainability. We promote environmentally sound and improving products, helping our customers to save natural resources, reducing the environmental impact of our business. ProGame Artificial Turf Shock Pads by Trocellen ensure safety and playing comfort for the players, can be easily installed and are at the same time environmentally friendly and supportive.

Non toxic

  • According to the European Directive “GHS” (EG 1272/2008), the composition of Trocellen cross-linked PE foam is classified as non hazardous.

Long lasting & recyclable

  • Long lasting performance: tested after 23 years of use, shock pads made of cross-linked PE foam showed a decrease in shock absorption of less than 1%.
  • CFC free.
  • Can be recycled, incinerated without causing toxic gases or even disposed with household waste.

Simply sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • Meet all environmental and hygienic requirements established by the DIN V 18035-7.
  • Highly suitable for fields with floor heating due to a very low thermal resistance. Reduced energy costs.
  • Further certificates obtained with our foam solutions in other industries prove the excellent environmental performance of our products.
  • For example: Our Insulation product range complies with two prerequisites and 6 credits of the LEED performance criteria and contributes to earning points in three of the seven categories needed for the LEED certification of buildings.