Sports Fields

ProGame shock pads for Sports

Whether football, hockey, baseball or rugby, with ProGame Artificial Turf Shock Pad system developed by Trocellen you maximize safety and comfort. The Layer system is lightweight, easy and fast to install and meets the requirements of the international sports federations.


  • XC-cut (patent pending)
  • XC-cut Plus
  • Standard foam in rolls


  • 50,70,90 kg/m³
  • Lightweight material


  • 2000 mm width
  • Individual roll length
  • Thicknesses: 8,10,12 mm – other possibilities on request
  • Lamination of multi-layers possible


  • Soccer, American Football, Rugby, Hockey, Baseball, Golf, …
  • Sport specific requirements met by product type


  • Constant performance regarding shock absorption and vertical deformation across the whole installed area and beyond the lifetime of artificial turf.
  • Meets criteria regarding shock absorption, energy restitution and vertical deformation: tested according to requirements of official sports federations (e.g. FIFA, FIH, etc.).
  • Meets required HIC values (DIN EN 1177) in combination with artificial turf: for use e.g. in rugby.
  • Positive biomechanical properties: reduced risk of injuries.
  • Long lasting performance.
  • XC cuts compensate the expansion or shrinkage during installation: there are no “waves“ on the field due to changes of temperature.
  • Reduction of infill even non- infill pitches possible due to high shock absorption values.
  • XC-cut allows excellent vertical drainage.
  • XC-cut Plus with integrated drainage lines allows lateral drainage (for example on concrete surfaces).
  • Lightweight foam product in rolls reduces installation time and saves installation costs.
  • High flexibility: compensation of tolerances in lengthwise and crosswise directions during the installation.
  • Non toxic and easy to recycle: environmentally friendly.
  • Closed cell PE foam: low water absorption < 3 Vol. % (ISO 2896). Avoids freezing in winter time.
  • Cross-linked PE foam with dimensional stability from -40 to +90°C: keeps its characteristics in cold and hot environments.

ProGame Shock Pads Sports