For over 30 years, Trocellen has been working with pioneers from the synthetic turf industry to develop shock pads that improve the playing and safety conditions of artificial turf systems.

The lightweight ProGame shock pads, made of cross-linked polyethylene foam are characterized by the XC and C cutting systems, which allows high flexibility during the installation as well as long lasting performance of the field. The technical properties of ProGame Shock Pads are essential to reach better and more constant properties on the whole installed area, through an increased shock absorption, correct deformation and right ball bounce, fulfilling the requirements needed for FIFA, FIH and other certifications.
Trocellen’s closed cell PE foam is having low water absorption < 3 Vol. % (ISO 2896), and avoids freezing in winter time. It is also performing dimensional stability from -40 to +90°C: it keeps its characteristics both in cold and hot environments.
Densities vary between 50 and 90 kg/m3, defaulf thicknesses are 8, 10, 12mm, but might be changed upon request. Products are usually 2000mm wide, delivered in rolls, which have individual length according to the partner’s needs. Layers can be laminated.

All ProGame products:

  • are constant, long lasting performance regarding shock absorption and vertical deformation across the whole installed area and beyond the lifetime of artificial turfs,
  • compliant with criterias regarding shock absorption, energy restitution and vertical deformation,
  • have positive biomechanical properties: reduced risk of injuries,
  • compensate the expansion or shrinkage (XC cuts) during and after the installation: there are no “waves“ on the field due to changes of temperature,
  • reduce the need for infill – even non-infill pitches are possible due to high shock absorption values,
  • perform excellent vertical drainage with XC-Cut,
  • provide great lateral drainage with XC-cut Plus with integrated drainage lines (for example on concrete surfaces),
  • have high flexibility: compensation of tolerances in lengthwise and crosswise directions during the installation,
  • are non-toxic and easy to recycle: environmentally friendly.

ProGame offers solutions for many sports such as: soccer, hockey, rugby, golf or mobile mini-soccer pitches, as well as solutions for playgrounds, landscaping and private gardening.