Baseball Shock Pads

Leading installers rely on the shock pad as a performance material in order to meet the athlete’s performance needs.

Thanks to its excellent behavioral and long-lasting characteristics, ProGame’s unique shock pads, made from closed-cell PE-foam, perfectly meet the needs of your baseball pitch or stadium.

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ProGame shock pads are designed to make the perfect baseball field.

Why ProGame

The material produced and developed by ProGame maximizes the comfort of the players. The high-quality shock pad contributes to a perfectly stable feeling on the entire field with consistent shock absorption, vertical deformation and ball bounce properties.

Shock pads are extremly durable and come with a 24 year warranty.
Constant performance for the entire service life
ProGame shock pads have excellent recovery properties.
Excellent recovery properties
ProGame shockpads are made of 100 % recyclable materials.
Reusable for many installations
ProGame shock pads have excellent drainage, high temperature stability and no water absorption.
Excellent drainage, high temperature stability, no water absorption.
Weather resistance
ProGame shock pads are fast and easy to install.
Quick and easy installation
Easy installation
Discover ProGame's shock pad 5010 XC-Cut.

All products are available with or without drainage

Shock Pad Installation

Installation of ProGame shock pads step 1

Unrolling the shock pad rolls along the width of the pitch

Installation of ProGame shock pads step 3

Installation of artificial turf layers on ProGame shock pad

Installation of ProGame shock pads step 2

Welding of roll joints with adhesive tape

Installation of ProGame shock pads step 4

Gluing of artificial turf and lines

Quick and easy installation

Thanks to the lightweight material and custom-made roll length, ProGame shock pads can be installed on an entire pitch in only one day.

Weather-independent installation

As they are made from closed-cell PE-foam, ProGame shock pads do not absorb water, enabling installation in any weather.

High dimensional stability

Thanks to the patented XC cuttings, our pads offer high dimensional stability guaranteeing optimum interlocking of the joints thereby eliminating wave problems during installation.