Shock Pads for Playgrounds

ProGame shock pads deliver outstanding comfort and safety in playground artificial turf systems. Artificial turf system installers choose ProGame shock pads for their simple installation coupled with excellent product performance to provide safe, comfortable and long-lasting artificial turf systems.

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ProGame shock pads are perfectly suited for playgrounds.

Shock Pad Advantages

We listen to and understand the needs of our diverse and international target groups and develop innovative, flexible and tailor-made solutions for your artificial turf system. With our technical experience, we are able to find solutions that best suit your needs.

Shock pads are extremly durable and come with a 24 year warranty.
Constant performance for the entire service life
Shock pads have optimized shock absorption and vertical deformation.
Optimized shock absorption and vertical deformation
Impact Protection
ProGame shockpads are made of 100 % recyclable materials.
Reusable for many installations
ProGame shock pads have excellent recovery properties.
Ultimate collision protection
Fall height
ProGame shock pads have excellent drainage, high temperature stability and no water absorption.
Excellent drainage, high temperature stability, no water absorption.
Weather resistance
ProGame shock pads are fast and easy to install.
Quick and easy installation
Easy installation

Fall Protection Plates

Fall protection flooring for playgrounds meets the requirements as defined in DIN EN 1176 and are a must for all public installations with fall heights of over 0.6m. Artificial turf systems for playgrounds are multi-layer systems consisting of shock pad, turf and sand and offer various advantages over classic flooring such as sand, gravel and wood chips.

ProGame shock pads provide critical fall-height (CFH) protection of over 3 meters, meeting the highest safety standards in playground synthetic turf systems according to DIN EN 1177.

This world-class standard for playground safety is achieved by combining ProGame shock pads, artificial turf and sand in various thicknesses.