What does sustainability mean for ProGame

Trocellen is aligned with trends of the industry and governance by optimizing ProGame environmental performance and carbon footprint taking into account the entire life cycle and specific challenges of plastic products. While recycled material content and recyclability of ProGame are under ongoing improvement, we go beyond and define additional eco-design principles to develop shock pads with the best environmental quality. Our responsibility is to have a deep understanding of product sustainability: having a full awareness about environmental impacts we are equipped to identify the best options to reduce our footprint without shifting environmental burdens between life cycle phases and environmental compartments.

ProGame is developed to achieve the best environmental performance of shock pads in synthetic turf systems. The entire life cycle of the product is optimized starting from design, raw material selection and manufacturing to installation, usage, dismantling, and reuse. The carbon footprint of ProGame is continuously reduced thanks to this eco-design approach.

Sustainability & ProGame

Environmental excellence

Turf systems are complex and different alternatives exist for their design and construction. Different studies and initiatives have proved so far that ProGame-type PE shock pad contribute significantly to defining winner solutions concerning sustainability and the environment.Furthermore, we work on projects with strategic partners in order to stand up for more sustainability in a transparent way:

  • Part of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) project
  • Long life for reduced footprint
  • Low impact turf systems
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A large Group with a strong strategy

Corporate social responsibility, decarbonization, and environmentally conscious product development are key elements in the strategy of the Trocellen Group that stands behind ProGame. Trocellen is a large corporation producing polymer foams for several industries, such as insulation, automotive, packaging, sport, footwear, etc. So the development and eco-design of ProGame are carried out during continuous interchange with other experts and business units of the Group. This international, skillful and creative corporate environment guarantees a solid and dedicated background for ProGame, as the entire Group is highly committed to providing sustainable solutions. Trocellen has set itself the following goals, among others:

  • 100% renewable electricity till 2025
  • 100% of new product results from an eco-design based development till 2030
  • Zero production waste till 2030
  • Carbon neutrality in 2050
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ISCC PLUS certification*


*Authorised to handle ISCC-certified materials as a processing unit with mass balance approach

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