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ProGame Environmental Statement

By 2. July 2020July 3rd, 2020No Comments
ProGame by Trocellen ECHA

Our commitment to sustainability is part of our culture. We are totally committed to the long-term sustainability of our sector, developing and delivering safe, sustainable products which minimise the impact on the environment.

ProGame shock pads are produced without the use of polyaromatic hydrocarbons or phthalates. The properties of the closed-cell, chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam allow for the reuse of the shock pads. We underline this commitment by providing a product warranty of 24 years on officially certified turf pitches.

As a result, we have taken an active role in shaping the future of our industry. ProGame is an active member of ESTC (Europe), STC (US), SAPCA (UK), Fedairsport (France), IAKS & BSFH (Germany), contributing to a prospering and growing artificial turf market.

Statement: The future of microplastics in artificial structures

ECHA (European Chemicals Agency), on behalf of the EU, is currently reviewing the use of micro plastics in products. It has appointed two committees, RAC (Risk Assessment Committee) and SEAC (Social Economics Assessment Committee), to receive guidance before making a final decision on the use of microplastics. These committees are currently trying to make a number of recommendations to be implemented throughout the EU, ranging from the implementation of a total ban possibly within the next 6 years through to a number of measures to restrict the use of microplastics. While microplastics do not constitute an issue in the production and use of ProGame shock pads, they certainly play a role in pitch systems.

Any final decision will have an impact on the microplastic infill material which is most commonly used in 3G pitches:

  1. ProGame currently provides advice on best practices in the design and installation of artificial pitch systems to minimise the release of microplastics into the environment.
  2. ProGame shock pads are also used in pitch systems with no microplastic infill, providing high performance in terms of shock absorption and vertical deformation in non-filled, water-based, sand-dressed and sand-filled systems, which will be unaffected by any proposed ban or restrictions. Organic infill would be also exempt from any proposed changes and together with our shock-pads are already widely used in FIFA Q/QP and WR systems.
  3. ProGame continues to work closely with the industry to advise ECHA and the various member states on the effects and results which any changes might cause.

ProGame on-going commitment to the industry

While there are no immediate changes in our industry, our sector must adapt to future legislative changes. We will remain a proactive voice in the industry to build a more sustainable future and will continue to advise all our stakeholders on best practices from design to end of life options when using ProGame shock pads in artificial turf systems.


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