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ProGame Shock Pads

By 2. May 2021No Comments

Shock pads get inserted between the artificial grass and the substrate as a shock absorbing layer. Shock pads possess an elasticity and cushioning effect. They are made of best quality polyethylene foams which are converted to our high-end solution. They bestow an athlete with a comfortable solid feel beneath the foot, that improves the proficiency of the player. The use of shock pads in sport grounds is favored due to its innumerable advantages, like injury protection, attenuation and easy installation.


Shock pads are also beneficial in severe weather conditions by supporting the drainage of water from the field. Therefore, the usage of shock pads in soccer, rugby and hockey stadiums has been increased significantly. To maintain the standardized quality of shock pads, FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf has taken responsibility to evaluate their quality. Their aim is to ensure the safety of the athletes, to build a discipline of an appropriate use of materials, and to back up the progressive innovation in the manufacturing industries of artificial turf. The use of shock pads is also a step towards sustainability, because they can last twice as long as turf. A quality shock pad promises to serve for 24 years, that is our guarantee. Furthermore, ProGame shock pads can be reused as well. The shock pads could be uninstalled from one pitch and then reused in other domains. If a shock pad should not be reusable, it can also be recycled.


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