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ProGame XC certified in accordance with EN 15330-4 norm

By 16. August 2023No Comments
ProGame XC certified in accordance with EN 15330-4 norm

We are very pleased that our ProGame XC shock pads have been certified in accordance with the new EN 15330-4 norm.

This proves the high-quality of our products.

In addition to performance testing like the triple A and tensile strength, the updated EN 15330-4 norm now also describes test methods to determine the performance of the shock pad. This includes dynamic fatigue (EN17324) and resistance to permanent deformation after short/static loading (EN15330-4).

Combined with the environmental toxicological properties of the material, compliance with this new comprehensive and demanding norm will assure users that the shock pad in the artificial turf system is long lasting and will perform exceptionally well.

Gradually introduced
EU member states are gradually introducing the new norm to their markets in the interest of tenders and projects. National and International Sport Governing Bodies are gradually following. EN 15330-4 describes how the performance of shock pads or e-layers is measured and how the various testing results should be recorded in a common format. In light of the incoming ban on polymeric infill and the trend for natural infill or only mineral filled systems, this norm will provide buyers with the means to correctly compare the quality of different products.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding the new EN norm and our validated products.

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