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The Benefits of ProGame’s Global Presence

By 23. May 2023No Comments
The Benefits of ProGame's Global Presence

ProGame’s global presence has the following benefits:

Strategic positioning for shorter, more sustainable supply chains. ProGame can source raw materials from multiple locations around the world to ensure that your products are always in stock and ready to ship. This helps us maintain a high level of customer service and responsiveness.

Improved customer service and responsiveness. Having plants located close to your customers allows you to respond quickly when they need something–whether it’s an urgent repair, an order placed at the last minute, or during the peak season.

ProGame’s Commitment to Sustainability

ProGame’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its products and processes. The company has made a conscious effort to reduce the carbon footprint through the use of recycled material content, as well as eco-design approach for optimal environmental performance.

Why Malaysia and Italy?

ProGame’s plants are located in strategic geographic locations. Malaysia is a key market for ProGame, and the company has established its plant there to serve the Asian market. Italy is another key market for ProGame, so we have opened our plant in Italy to better serve that region of Europe.
The location of these plants also provides us with access to skilled labor pools and local markets while providing customers with quick delivery times from our factories.

The Future of ProGame’s Global Presence

ProGame is expanding its global presence by entering new markets, such as Malaysia and Italy. The company has invested in green technologies that are environmentally friendly and sustainable, which will help to grow the business.

ProGame’s Vision for the Future

ProGame’s vision for the future is to create sustainable solutions that deliver high-quality shock pads and services while being close to our customers wherever they are.

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