ProGame Shock Pads for Sports Fields

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Use ProGame shockpads for the perfect soccer field.
Use ProGame shockpads for a durable rugby field.
ProGame shock pads can be used for baseball fields.
Shock pads are well suited for golf courses and allow for a perfect play.
ProGame shock pads for hockey fields make the perfect field.
ProGame shock pads deliver maximum performance for cricket fields.

The Trocellen XC & XC Plus series includes high-quality shock pads made of closed-cell, chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam, which has been developed especially for artificial turf sports grounds. The combination of the unique XC-punched polyethylene foam, laminated onto a PET nonwoven fabric, guarantees excellent drainage properties, quick and easy installation, and very high dimensional stability. The wide range of thicknesses (6 – 14 mm) and densities (30 – 90 kg/m³) caters to the requirements of a variety of sports. The Plus version allows for lateral drainage in thicknesses of 10/12 mm and densities of 50/70/90 kg/m³. ProGame shock pads are delivered in rolls of 2-meter width and tailored length to meet the requirements of the field.